Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty Meow

I love cosplay girls. They crave showing off their bodies in cute little costumes and playing mindfuck games. You are probably wondering what I mean by that. If they dress up like a kitty, maybe they will only talk to you in meows. I had that happen to me once at a party. I even asked this girl if kitty cat wanted some cream and she said meow, but she didn’t end up sucking my cock. She went home from the party with some other cosplay girl. I guess she was looking for some other type of cream. Maybe this girl does cosplay cam shows? Or may she just likes the cosplay scene online or goes to cosplay conventions. She has a perfect body and pretty face, so she can dress up in whatever costume she wants and play with us. Cosplay girls have more sexually creative minds and they love to role play. So, if you see a cosplay girl on a cam site or at a party, approach!!! You might get luckier than I did. You can see this cosplay girl’s gallery when you click one of her pics or the link below. Enjoy a $1 trial if you want to check it out before you join. Don’t say I didn’t warn you that looking at these cell phone chicks pics can be addictive!

Retro Girl Selfie

Retro Girl

I know I complain about camwhoring girls who like to put some type of filter or effect on their selfies, but in this case, the vintage effect works for this hot selfie, since the girl is definitely going for a retro 1960’s look. She teased up her hair and put on a cute retro camisole. The only way to shoot a selfie back in the 1960’s was to use a Polaroid camera which immediately printed out your Polaroid photo. It developed if you stood in a closet in the dark or you had to turn it over for 60 seconds and wait for the Polaroid magic to work. Vintage Polaroids on eBay can command a pretty decent price if they feature a sexy girl. This girl is giving me a totally sexy but mischievous vibe. She has a gallery of cute pics that you can see if you click her photo or the link below to join up. $1 trial. You can spare it. You have nothing to lose except your sanity from seeing so many hot girls showing off their cell phone selfies in one place. Can you imagine if attention whores didn’t take pics of themselves to share their sexy beauty? We’d have to jack off to porn mags or Victoria’s Secret catalogs like the old days.

Hot Mirror Selfies

black and white selfie

black and white mirror selfie

I’m in love with this girl. OMG. But why oh why did she shoot or edit these selfies in black and white. I know some chicks really like to do some type of B&W look, retro, sepia tone or some other effect on their selfies, when I want to see these pics in color! Regardless, this girl is smoking hot and you can see more of her in her self shot gallery at Badass GFs. Where the girlfriends have tatts or piercings and aren’t afraid to flaunt their beauty. Behind their beauty is fragility. They just front with those tattoos and piercings, believe me. I’ve dated enough of them to know they aren’t as tough as they project. This hot brunette (or redhead?) got her bikini tattoo inked in outline,but not inked in yet. Maybe she’s saving up for the color ink and maybe that’s why she only shot these in black and white. She’s a work in progress. After she gets her tatt fully inked, she will unleash the color kraken. Click either of her pics or the link below to see more of her gallery or more girlfriends with the emo, scene, goth, alt or punk look.

This girl is model quality and you can’t say that about 99% of the girls on this blog. She could easily score a solo girl site or be featured on Suicide Girls (due to the tattoos). She could make a living doing cam shows like I hope I can find out if she is a cam model, because if she is, I’ll be breaking out the credit card to see this girl do a strip tease on cam for me. But for all I know she’s just another camwhoring girl who spends hours getting her makeup just right for her selfies and who is so self obsessed she can’t see past her mirror. Her life is right there, a reflection in the mirror.

Showing off her Tramp Stamp

Tramp Stamp Selfie

Ass Panties Selfie

You have to love girls who get tatts. They feel a desperate compulsion to show off their tattoos using their cell phone cameras and posting the photos online or sexting them. Of course, they want guys and girls to comment about their bod or their tattoos or whatever. If they don’t get any comments, they might even get more desperate in their camwhoring attempts for attention. Attention is what these girls crave more than anything. My exgf told me that she didn’t want to be in a relationship or “ship” with me anymore. I wasn’t surprised because I told her to stop being a camwhore which meant she wasn’t going to stop, she’d go at it with more of a vengeance. Because she got more attention from the hundreds of guys she would post pics for on Instagram. And when she sexted me pics, I like the pics, no doubt, but I wanted her for real, like get your ass over here or I’m coming over there, and she’d be like no, I don’t feel like it tonite. Women don’t want the sex so much anymore. They have drawer full of sex toys and their cell phone cameras, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m sure it’s the same for this chick with the tramp stamp.

Attention Whore

Cell Phone Sexting

Check out the hotness and witness the titness! Woe is this pretty girl. Maybe she just broke up with her boyfriend and set her Facebook status to Single and broke out her pink camera phone to snap some nude self pics. Maybe she needed some desperado attention whore comments after breaking up with her BF and posting her photos online like: UR so hotttt! OMG perfect tits! Fuck your BF, no don’t fuck ‘im but he was an idiot. Her notebook is out on her bed, it’s an old school paper notebook. College student? Or just writing in diary style about her innermost feelings, expressing her anguish, seeking solace by eating a roll of raw Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough, feeling guilty after her late night pig-out, throwing it up. Then taking more cell phone pics, lonely girl.

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Girls are mysterious. But their mystery is revealed in self shot photos like this one. A picture says a thousand words and this picture does and so do other photos at a new phone sluts photo site. Click the girl’s photo for a free tour and sneak peeks and $1 trial. The site works like this: Girls submit their camwhoring selfpics or the photos are hacked off photo sharing sites like Photobucket, they aren’t models. Although, maybe they want to be models to feed their low self-esteem (no matter how hot they are!) and quench their attention whore appetite.

Black Girl Self Shots

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Bootylicious black girl self shots await you in this ebony babe’s hot ass gallery featuring mirror pics of her showing off her assets. There’s something about black chicks that drives a man wild. Their unabashed sexual nature and attitude are a total siren call. Black girls rock. This black girl really goes all out with her hair, her look, her smooth skin, nothing ashy here, just pure mocha latte. Her stacked ass is built for doggy style. Her sweet tits are perfect. She flashes everything, doesn’t hold back the twat like some camwhoring girls and cockteasing bitches. Me and My Cell is for girls like this, who break out their iPhones or camera phones and shoot away in the mirror. Love me, love me not. These insecure girls need continual compliments about their hotness or they will wither away or burn to ash like vampires in the sunlight. You have to love these amateur selfshooting hotties and the sites that feature them. My Ebony GF features amateur ebony babes who submit their own selfies directly, which is cool, so you know the GFs are for real and not porn whores. If I want to see porn whores I’ll pop over to Brazzers or Twistys.

Sexting Slut

This mirror girl has a whole gallery of her self shot photos for you to fap to. She’s still wearing her bra and panty set in this pic, but she also strips full nude and shows off her shaved tight teen pussy and perky tits. When I was stroking off to her pics, she reminded me of Jennifer Aniston when she was a lot younger, like back in “Friends”, or that Rolling Stone cover where she was topless (but her tits were artfully hidden) and showed off some butt crack. Yeah, I had that Rolling Stone cover push pinned to my dorm room wall until my naive girlfriend took it down and told me I could only dream about her. Yeah, right. Chicks need to buy a clue. Note to all chicks: your man can be lying right next to you in bed, your man can be fucking you but fantasizing you are someone else, like this sexting slut. You might be with your man in the flesh, but a man’s brain, well… you can’t expect his brain to be faithful.

sexting slut

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And this is why these self shot girls websites are so cool. So many girls, so little time. Check out this girl’s free self shot photos gallery and more sexting sluts!

Self Shots

Self Shots – Free Peaks!

Self Shots

I dreamt I died and went to heaven. In heaven there were twin peaks and mirror closet doors. Yeah, that’s what happen when you jerk off to a girl’s self shots gallery then fall asleep after you pop the cork off the bottle. This girl is one of the most amazing self shots girls I’ve seen in a while. She breaks out her digital camera and shoots loads (pun intended) of self pics of her in sexy cock tease lingerie, and then gives us some great tits shots. Downward facing tits, one of my favorite shots. I can just picture I’ve got my cock in her mouth while she’s on the edge of the bed, her tits are right there for me to grab, her nipples hard, her panties wet and I have to decide: Am I going to blow my load in her mouth as she works over my cock with her hot lips and tongue or am I going to tell her to get those panties off now and give me that hot pussy. What a dilemma. And I wish I was in that dilemma for realz. If that was my slutty girlfriend, she could take a bazillion self shots and post them all over the net. Knowing that other men were fapping to my GF and her self shot and hot photos would make me hornier to just take her whenever I wanted. Click on this girl’s magnificent tits to see her hot selfpics!

Camwhoring Girls

Camwhoring girls

Camwhoring Girls! Free Peeks!

See this camwhoring brunette babe and other self shooting hotties in their galleries at Obsessed with Myself – the hottest site where chicks take their own self pics using their phones or digital cameras! Click!

Ode to sexy camwhoring girls including this brunette babe with her digital camera…

Mirror mirror on the wall
who’s the hottest of them all?
Vanity thy name is woman!
Shakespeare – quill in hand
penned the quote in Hamlet,
across centuries changed not one bit.

Women with camera or cell phone
indulge their vanity alone,
in a mirror above bathroom vanity
they pose, they snap, look at me!
They post their photos online for free!
Well some even know the sites
who will pay them to be modern Aphrodites.

Creating such a stir and lust
men will bust
a nut
like me, I now have this camwhoring slut
in my jerkoff slideshow on my phone
for when I need to jack off alone.

Oh beautiful brunette
your body from the shower still wet,
we’ve never even met
but you’ve set my world on fire,
you are the epitome of self shot girls I desire
until next week, next month I find
another babe I won’t be able to get off my mind!

Sexy Babe

Dedicated to the sexy blond babe in her messy room… Do girls in their cell phone self shots ever have clean rooms? No! Their lives are lived in their cell phone pics, lived online, out partying… Their lives are not lived out where they throw their clothes on the floor waiting for time to go to the laundromat, which would truly be a waste of precious time in this sexy blond babe’s life to be at the laundromat, bored while the washers and dryers spin, texting friends! I love this sexy blond babe’s cute body especially her sexy whooty (white girl booty). I like PAWG, pretty ass white girls, girls with a little sass in the ass, a little bump in the rump, instead of the flat ass look.

Free Peek! Sexy Babe Self Shooting with Cell Phone Camera

Me and My Cell Girl Pics

She shows off her hot ass in a black thong and then the killer shot in the blue ruffle butt see-through panties, gasp! I love girls in ruffle butt panties, I can just picture them shaking their amazing ass in their ruffle butt panties in front of me, and these see-through ruffle butts are just driving me crazy.

Me and My Cell Girl Ruffle Butt Panties

This hot blond camwhoring girl has a complete cell phone self shot gallery with tit pics, panty pics, tattoo pics and cute face pics, too. I couldn’t resist, can you? You know you want to click and take a free peek!