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    How did sexting start? Well… I think it started when whoever thought hmmm let’s combine the digital camera with the cell phone, like the commercial that used to run on tv about whoever thought hmmm let’s combine chocolate and peanut butter to create Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Well, they were both geniuses who probably made millions, but I thank whoever invented cell phone cameras more. In fact I thank you over and over every time I see a pic like this above of a barely legal teen girl who can’t resist stripping out of her clothes, standing in front of the bathroom mirror and shooting mirror pics. Perky tits, shaved twat, this cute teen girlfriend and her girlfriend selfpics gallery have made me, well, take something out and fap. If I were only 19 again, I’d want a girlfriend like this, to take cell phone pics and start sexting naughty to me, to take mirror pics for me to gaze at her nude beauty and masturbate. This is the new phone sex. There is no talking naughty, now it’s sexting naughty! Sexting photos back and forth, furious fapping toward the big O. Girls seem to be getting less shy and bashful about showing off their bodies, naked, near naked and non-nude. And girls are addicted to sexting pics. So I thank all you girls too, for offering up these cell phone self shots for us to enjoy.

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